Turner Golf

Custom fitting



The GC2 launch monitor is an excellent tool that is used to make sure

your clubs fit you as well as being an excellent coaching tool.

The GC2 will show you: the clubhead speed that you produce, path,

angle of attack, lauch angle, backspin and side spin. From these figures we 

can determine whether your clubs are the right fitting for you and it is a very

powerful tool to help you to improve your game.

Many of the top branded companies use GC2 to custom fit their Tour Professionals…

And you can be fitted with GC2 too!

After being coached by Daren, my confidence and technical ability has grown considerably and my handicap is no longer a secret!
Seeing my swing compared to the top players in the game really had an impact! My practice sessions now have a purpose and I have a clear path laid out for me.
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